Project Description

Well-kept garden – in the middle of the Natural paradise

Resort-Pool Sunset mit Palmen

The garden of Villa Raphael provides the perfect setting for deep relaxation during an Ayurvedic cure. The area is generous and offers ample space and sun loungers in the shade. Bath towels are available. The quiet location at the natural lake also ensures that usually a pleasant wind blows.

In the midst of Sri Lanka’s nature, even strong pitta types relax as they listen to exotic bird sounds or watch circling sea eagles. In addition to birds, other tropical inhabitants, such as monkeys, monitor lizards, or fruit bats, can also be observed; and always from a safe distance.

Walk to the lake?

A long walkway lined with flowers leads to the Sea Lounge. Again, a tea is enjoyed or a meal is eaten at the table.

The upholstered furniture invite you to linger; As the wind blows and the waves splash gently against the catamaran platform, every spirit relaxes. Pure nature and by the way even there with Wi-Fi connection.

Pool and Garden House

In front of the villa main building is the 20 meter pool with bubble system. The covered garden house is located in the center. At the round large wooden table is served. This provides a wonderful view during the meal. Depending on your wishes, or in rainy weather, you can dine on dining tables in the salon, or on the large veranda of the main house.