Project Description

The Sea-Lounge for epicures

A long walkway lined with flowers leads to the Sea Lounge. Again, a tea is enjoyed or a meal is eaten at the table.

The upholstered furniture invite you to linger; As the wind blows and the waves splash gently against the catamaran platform, every spirit relaxes. Pure nature and by the way even there with Wi-Fi connection.


Widen your Horizon

The platform offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the natural surroundings. From here you can glide across the lake and explore the area by canoe. However, this is recommended mainly in the morning, when the lake is still mirror-smooth.

Meals at the Sea-Lounge

Our service staff will also cover the table at the Sea Lounge. They don’t shy away from the far way to the kitchen and it’s always a little celebration for them, if they serve lunch or dinner at the Sea Lounge.