Ayurvedic Treatment Under Medical Supervision

Latest Standard Combined with Traditional Sri Lankan Medicine

Ayurveda-Center EingangElegantly styled, Villa Raphael’s Ayurveda Centre is kept neat and clean. Although it was opened only in December 2016 and still shines with fresh newness, the Swiss owner finds it very important to let it remain so, making sure that applicable sanitary regulations are complied with.

The five modern therapy rooms are furnished with massage tables and bathtubs, an Ayurvedic steam sauna and a couch with inhalation opening, as well as anointing equipment.

Medical consultations are held in a separate meeting room. In addition, clean sanitary facilities are available.

To keep any side effects as low as possible, our practitioners prefer a gentle initiation into Ayurveda. The type of therapy also depends on how much time is available for treatment. Therefore, to ensure recovery, Panchakarma is usually offered for stays of more than two weeks.

Massage oils, herbal poultices and steam bath are prescribed, depending on the type, for specific treatments.

Medical Consultation – Vaidhya pariiksha

Your therapy will be determined and prescribed individually.

Our accredited, qualified doctor is the Ayurvedic-controller of the district.

He examines you with ancient Ayurvedic medicine and modern clinical methods. He diagnoses your pulse and analyzes your body according to doshas. Your treatments will be planned and you will be advised on your individual diet.

In the last consultation, the doctor will check your whole body health status again, with pulse analysis and other medical parameters. You’ll receive advice on how to improve your daily diet and lifestyle. If necessary, you can take medicines home that will continue to support you and help you get a full recovery.

Daily Therapy Program

The daily therapy program is prescribed individually and is extensive.

We are flexible and can adjust your daily program if you plan excursions. For example, a mangrove drive in the early morning, or a trip to Galle in the afternoon are quite feasible. We are happy to discuss this with you in good time and support you planning and organizing your journey.

Dr. C. N. Vimukthi De Zoysa

Ayurveda-Controller of the district

B.A.M.S (Hon’s) University Of Kelaniya (SL)
Trad: Boils, Ulcers & CA Specialist
R.Ay.M.P  / M.Ac.F

Reg: 14063 (General) / 9540 (Special)
M.Ac.F (SL). Reg: 10200717 (SL)

Dr. C. N. Vimukthi De Zoysa

Golden Awarded Medical Practitioner

Keerthi Sri Helaweda rishi Desha Shakthi Vaidya Abhimani
National Honor (from National Pease Association of Sri Lanka.)

International Research Award (Ayurvedic Medicine.)

Vaidya Rathna
(From International Research University of India.)

B.A.M.S.(Hon’s) University of Kelaniya. Sri Lanka.
(B.A.M.S. = Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery)

Specialist for traditional Boils, Ulcers and Cancer treatments.

Registered Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner (R.Ay.M.P) of Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Medical Council (SLAMC)

  • SLAMC Reg: No’s: 14063 (General) 9540 (Special)
  • M.Ac.F (SL). Member of Acupuncture Foundation. Sri Lanka. Reg: 10200717 (SL)
  • Specially trained for First Aid and Emergency management from St. John Ambulance Association of Sri Lanka. Reg: 57851
  • Specially trained for Ayurvedic Panchakarma Therapy, Ayurvedic Beauty care and Ayurvedic Stress management.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Chronic disease that can be effectively managed by Ayurveda

For medical therapies for chronic and severe conditions, the low season is suitable.

It is less heavily used, which is why it can be treated even more extensively. Furthermore, you benefit from a lot of silence and attractive air fares.

Erzengel Gabriel Ayurveda-Center
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Myopathy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraine Headache
  • Chronic Stress, Fatigue
  • Burnout-Syndrom
  • Chronic Muscle Pains
  • Psychological disorders
  • Varicose veins
  • Chronic lower limb ulcerations
  • Sleeping problems
  • Obesity
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Smoking
  • Substance abuse
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Leucoderma
  • Gastritis
  • Gastrointestinal problems

Please contact us for further questions and preliminary clarifications.


The prices are our own costs.

The whole output goes in favor of our Ayurveda Team.

Ayurvedic Full Board at Villa Raphael

Ayurvedic medicine is offered at Villa Raphael for prevention or convalescence under competent medical supervision. Accordingly, the meal plan is also tailored individually. Our Ayurvedic spa guests have so far been very satisfied with their menus, and some of them were even quite surprised that they could lose weight although the meals seemed more substantial than at home.

In Singhalese cuisine, vegetables are prepared in a very tasty way. Countless fruits are on the menu, with fish and poultry being eaten from time to time.

Our Ayurvedic Full Board Includes:

  • A rich breakfast with soup, fresh fruit juice, coconut rotis or similar side dishes, various freshly prepared fruits, with herbal-tea and coffee (which is not recommended in Ayurvedic diet) on request.
  • The lunch also begins with some soup. The menu includes various vegetables, often prepared as curries and salads, rice and dhal. Alternately: mushrooms, poultry, white fish, jackfruits, coconut sambal and other side dishes completely unknown to us. Again, fruits are offered as dessert and sometimes desserts like avocado cream or curd with honey.
  • The dinner also begins with a soup. Next comes a ready-made plate, or curries in all their varieties. Here also with lots of vegetables and diverse side dishes. Yes, it is correct: unlike in the West, fish and poultry are side dishes in Sri Lanka. Tea is also served after the meal.
  • In between: According to Ayurvedic principles, digestion should not be burdened with snacks. However, those who are hungry can easily bridge the gap with some crackers that can be served with some tea. Various teas with the informations of the dosha types and modes of action are available at the buffet in the morning and in the afternoon.


Villa Raphael is a place of personal recovery coupled with privacy and friendliness.

enjoy it


Ayurveda Center


Yoga and Meditation

Tajmilan Chinthakan learnt Hatha yoga and meditation from a great master in India, whose teachings combined with his own knowledge and longstanding experience he passes on, as your meditation coach, in the form of effective yoga lessons.

His point is never to demonstrate his skills, but to make the most of everyone’s capabilities. He holds exercises with a lot of tactfulness and rigour, offering variations for every level. He provides sufficient space for movement, strength and relaxation. His lessons are extremely popular and praised in the highest tones.

The peaceful morning atmosphere, the light and the exotic birdsong in the compound, all this offers the best conditions to regain vitality and to achieve deep relaxation during yoga lessons and meditations. Or as Tajmilan puts it: ’Control your jumping monkey’!

The covered yoga room is elevated and open to the front, offering a wonderful view of the entire compound.

Yoga-Leher Tajmilan Hatha Yoga Lehrer in der Baum Pose Vrksasana, Hatha-Yoga

Ayurveda Vital Energies

In Ayurveda three main functioning principles (doshas) are distinguished: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. They appear throughout nature and can also be found in your body and mind. For the normal, healthy functioning of all organs it is necessary that these doshas be well balanced..


Vata is the principle of movement, which is resposible for the nervous system, breathing and all movements occurring in the body.

The Vata dosha is associated with the elements ether and air.

If your Vata is balanced, you feel full of energy, cheerful, enthusiastic and creative and your mind is calm, clear and alert.


The Kapha dosha is said to be the principle of structure, as it provides the body with strength and stability and keeps the body fluids in balance. It is associated with the elements earth and water.

If your Kapha is balanced, it gives you strehgth, perseverance, a good immune system, patience and mental stability.


Pitta is responsible for all metabolic processes. It regulates digestion and body temperature. As far as the mind is concerned, it stands for sharp intellect and emotions. Pitta primarily consists of the element fire.

If Pitta is balanced, it provides you with satisfaction, energy, linguistic skills, strong digestive power, right body temperature and clear mind.

Erzengel Gabriel Ayurveda-Center

History of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a science of long life that originates in India’s ancient Vedic civilisation and is the oldest of the world’s traditional healthcare systems. In India and Sri Lanka it has already been practised for more than 5000 years.

With the Vedic culture’s decline, many aspects of Ayurveda have almost been lost over the millennia. In the Middle Ages foreign powers brought medical systems of their own to the Indian subcontinent, where Ayurveda was forbidden for nearly 150 years. In Sri Lanka (Ceylon at that time), however, this knowledge was applied without any break further on. This is why even today there are some discrepancies between Ayurveda practised in India and that in Sri Lanka. Whereas in India the unknown would be supplemented with separate procedures, in Sri Lanka the knowledge was pursued and taught on a continuous basis.

Sri Lanka is the country where Ayurvedic medicine originates from and it has been officially recognised as a complete healthcare system.

Holistic Healing

If the Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas remain in harmonious balance, you are healthy, you feel good, and your body radiates natural beauty. The balance between the doshas is affected by many factors such as times of the day, daily work, daily routine, diet and seasons. Simply put, all the influences you are exposed to.

The doshas can be reconciled with each other by taking measures against disturbing influences. Thus Vata can be balanced by quiet, regularity and warmth. Warm oil massages are especially recommendable here. Pitta, in turn, can be controlled by cooling, soothing and moderation, so hot spices and alcohol should be avoided. To be balanced, Kapha requires warmth, pungent spices, as well as movement and stimulation.

After the treatment the doshas can be kept in a sustainable balance by adopting the following practices: individually tailored diet, well-regulated daily routines, specific food supplements, aromatic and musical therapy, physical and breathing exercises, as well as transcendental meditation, that is, a simple and natural conscience-raising technique to experience deep piece.

Ayurveda in Modern Times

Over the last hundred years the Western school of medicine has achieved excellent results in diagnostics, surgery and medication. No claim is asserted that Ayurveda could compete against modern medicine. However, Ayurveda provides outstanding results that complement modern medicine in the area of prevention and convalescence because, in addition to physical aspects, the healing treatments also include mind and soul. If Ayurveda is applied correctly, all major illnesses should be completely eliminated.

Ayurveda is an art of healing that draws on natural remedies without any side effects and uses empirical data from more than 5000 years!