Villa Raphael – Ayurveda Resort Sri Lanka Bentota

Villa Raphael is a jewel embedded into blissfully quiet surroundings. A perfect wellbeing oasis for relaxed Ayurvedic treatment and far-reaching recovery.

Villa Raphael is managed and inhabited by Roland Raphael, a Swiss artist and Sri Lanka insider.

Luxury with Plenty of Space for few Guests

Opened in December 2016

In the Middle of a Paradise, Yet Still Centrally Located

Villa Raphael with a park sits directly on a natural lake. You can glide in our canoe along the shores and marvel at the lush nature on your own or with one of us. This makes every mind unwind, and paddling strengthens your back.

We need just eight minutes time to shuttle you to the famous giant Bentota beach. In addition, there are new bicycles, a scooter and a canoe available for you to move around.

Moreover, you can explore plenty of things in the surroundings, go shopping or have your clothes tailor-made. We can help you with words AND deeds, not only by revealing you the best tips and destinations, but also by making it work out for you.

XL-Veranda: Traumhafte Aussicht und Schaukelstuhl

Villa Raphael from the bird’s eye

Drone shots of Villa Raphael - your Ayurvedic Resort in Sri Lanka from a completely different angle. "Impressive nature surrounds the well-maintained, safe resort in Bentota." The bird's-eye view images give you a unique view of the entire area.



Welcome to the Villa Raphael. Far from the main roads and mass tourism lies the resort. The entrance gate leads to the closed area. Our loving, but watchful dogs make sure that no uninvited guests invade.


Pool – Garden

The garden of Villa Raphael invites you to linger. Here even strong Pitta types can relax. 20 meters pool, sun loungers, towels and a unique paradise environment, provide for deep relaxation.


Natural Lake – Sea Lounge

The Sea Lounge invites you to linger; read a book, take a break from everyday life, enjoy the peace and dive into the night at sunset - everything is possible and even tea and meals are served here.


Salon – Dining Room

"A noble, quiet salon to switch off and immerse yourself in another world." The library's books in the salon go from art to esotericism to health and specific books on Ayurveda. A window front illuminates the room. The dining room in the salon invites you to a cozy dining.



Ayurveda - The wisdom of life! These can be found in the Ayurveda Center of the Villa Raphael. Do you want a therapy that is exactly tailored to your needs? Our Ayurvedic doctors take care of you. "A place of recovery, privacy and friendliness."



In the fitness-center of the Villa Raphael you can give free rein to your new energy. The new equipment is available to you throughout the day. And it's free!

Tasty Ayurvedic Food

It is not only cooked in our kitchen. Cooking becomes a philosophy here.

Ayurvedic Chef Gihan Maduranga

Our chef has gained his long-standing international experience.

His meals are extremely palatable. Our Ayurvedic guests find them delicious and indulging. Although they tend to eat more than at home, they lose weight and feel better.

We are sure that he will pamper you with culinary delights.